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Amberzine Magazine issue 18


Fashion slows down and becomes selectively perceived. Fast fashion is no longer relevant. Is this caused by this pandemic, or by the global trends towards sustainable development and conscious consumption? What’s next for us? Is it the end of an inconstant fashion now? Perhaps.. And probably soon our attention won’t be led by any “new trend!”. Nevertheless, trends are part of the industrial wear production system. As long as there are factories and shops, there will be trends. Albeit slow. So what are we going to focus on in the near future? The answer is simple: what has always been. We will concentrate on what the best tailors were guided by even before the concept of fashion in the modern meaning appeared.

Harmony. Aesthetics. The ability to see beauty: in color combinations, in lines, shapes, and textures. When the bustle and race ends, one gets more time to see the beauty that surrounds us. Nature, music, art, and of course people. Yes, after all this isolation we begin to value communication. It is wonderful that you can fully indulge in manifestations of the personality of each
and everyone you face on life road and nearby. And find your muses, who will awaken the craving for creativity as a source of inspiration. Muses will help us with orientation.


Inga Raduga

Amberzine Magazine Editor-in-Chief

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