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Amberzine Magazine issue 17


For the first time in decades a new power has appeared and has changed the life of everyone.

There is a world ahead where all will be new and unknown: from communication ways, means of education and work styles, up to our spare time, point of views, economics fluctuations, and planning of our future. While staying at home we re-evaluate our needs, habits, life mode, and even the volume of our wardrobe. Now is the time when we watch the fashion weeks online,
and we adapt to the novel fashion reality.

We may question ourselves how we feel stepping out of our comfort zone into the digital world, and whether this process is inevitable? We try to forecast how long the fashion can survive
in digital reality.

Well, fashion has always been an important aspect of our regular living, and one can expect that people will continue to consider their appearance and how they look even in this new world. Along with the fashion weeks, opera, theatre plays and concerts we get used to perceive new impressions online. As a result, the sense of the real physical world becomes so valuable. No matter what is happening, some things do not change – autumn has come. We treasure the summer sunshine but rejoice in the beauty of autumn nature on the pages of our magazine. The magazine that is so enjoyable to leaf through while sipping hot aromatic tea after a walk in a beautiful fall’s forest.


Inga Raduga

Amberzine Magazine Editor-in-Chief

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