Volga Vintage – Riga Fashion Week

Enough of pushing the nicest clothes to the back of the closet! Remember every waking moment is a chance to steal the show and dust the thousands of tiny pearls, sparkles, bows , and silhouettes out to this world. Time to show the brightest, most alluring, and most luxurious looks. A graduation dress from the 2000s , a wedding dress reminiscent of the one your mother wore, a suit tailored so perfectly it fits like a glove. Something that awaits you tonight.

This season Volga Vintage pays homage to the high fashion dressmakers of France and decides to compete with Paris Fashion Week, presenting extraordinary preowned luxe absolu pieces. Join us in this once – in – a – lifetime spectacle and bask in the elegance of Volga Hot Couture!

(photos by Mark Litvyakov)

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