RIGA FASHION WEEK will take place from May 27 to June 2 in Riga. During this season collections of more than 15 leading Latvian designers, including children’s clothing, will be presented. The event gains its international status due to the participation of the brand Moel Bosh from Uzbekistan and Ivo Nikkolo from Estonia. In addition, during the RFW, for the first time in the Baltics, a digital collection of outfits, created by Ukrainian 3D fashion designers will be shown.

The opening of the 34th session of the Fashion Week will be marked by a presentation of a digital clothing collection by 3D fashion designers from Ukraine, students of the first and one of the largest clothing design schools in Ukraine — Pushka School. At the heart of the RFW digital show is peace in Ukraine. The digital show is designed to take place in an open-air wheat field. The blue sky and the golden field are a recreation of the Ukrainian flag, which is the main symbol of the state. The futuristic constructions that accompany the show are augmented reality, forming a new perception of the world. The guests of the presentation will “transport” into the future, see the details of the outfits up close, and after the virtual show, they will be able to watch the exhibition of the 3D collection. The presentation of digital fashion will be available for everyone at the Spice shopping centre on May 28 and 29 from 12:00-17:00 near the information desk on the first floor of the centre.

In addition, collaborations of young fashion designers, exclusive fashion film screenings, themed after-parties and designer presentations are just a small part of the RFW program. The new collections by Anna Led, Narciss, Natalija Jansone, Selina Keer, Volga Vintage will be shown on the main runway of Hanzas Perons.

The guests of honour of the upcoming fashion session are the Moel Bosh brand from Uzbekistan and the Estonian brand Ivo Nikkolo. Children’s fashion will be represented by Rock and Mouse, Paade Mode and Pafingo. Special attention should be paid to the thematic presentations during the first few days of RFW — the presentation of the sophisticated brand Saint Key, the freedom-loving brand QooQoo, as well as the joint presentation of the designer brand Iveta Vecmane and the jewellery brand VERBA by Anna Faninga, which will present a new collection of silver and red organic glass.

In turn, the collections of dresses by the brands Amelii and Dobrzanska will be presented in the luxurious interior of the Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga.

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Ivo Nikkolo
Volga Vintage
Iveta Vecmane
Felicita Gaga
Selina Keer
Natalija Jansone
Anna Led
Saint Key
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